“The A Train … of Thought”

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No matter what your level of income, your cultural background, your favorite thing to to do, your age or gender … love is available to everyone.  It’s actually more available than air.  Really.

Often I am bewildered when I witness a world so in need of it, yet  continues to ignore, search, crave, ridicule and even disavow one of the single most important components to healthy living.  It’s truly a gift that everyone needs to have as well as give to others.  Comparable to transportation, we all need to get somewhere, though we all have alternate means of arriving at our respective destinations.  Some may choose a chauffeur driven limousine, a pre-owned suv, a Harley-Davidson bike, a minister,  a walk, a psychic ….  Naturally our arrivals and departures will depend greatly upon our choices.

For me, love is something that no one has to tell you how to give it … or how to get it.  It’s simply instinctive.   When it happens … as it happens – you just know it.   Academic degrees, speed or endurance tests, family wealth, vice presidential titles … none of these are applicable.  Just you, whoever you are.

Babies are an excellent example.  Before they can walk or talk, before they can hold that first toy or knock it from their high chair table … they know love.  But it’s not taught by their parents or their siblings, it’s not read to them by their aunts and uncles, it’s not  told to them repeatedly by their cousins and close friends of the family.  True, these acts can certainly function as conduits of love, yet they are not the final destination.

In the world of children (relatively small to us, yet gargantuan to them), they are at peace with themselves and welcome any positive energy that will reinforce their spirit.   The world of No is unknown to them; they just want to be happy and there’s just seemingly no limit to how much hey can handle.  This benevolence that they seek and we offer is forged in our innate ability to be kind to others.  Our children are the premiere examples to whom this joyous feeling should be passed onto.  And are they ever ready to receive it!

To be a recipient, one has to be open.  Actually, we all want to be loved, though there are individuals we’ve met that would certainly challenge that proposition.  These may very well be the folks who appear to be all about themselves with little inclination to share with others.  To be loved is to be comfortable with giving.  Now, I’m not speaking of money or property or other tangible items that often “block”  the flow of love from others.  Specifically, I am addressing something that has no form or structure, yet its strength is mightier than all of our collective imaginations would allow.  It’s so powerful , yet children easily distribute as though an electric diesel engine were its energy supply.

As we get older more “things” get in the way.  Some tangible some not so tangible.  I.e. higher salaries with more clout; larger homes with more prestige;  larger cars (more cars) with more bragging rights … you get the picture.  What happens so often is that we loose our essence as adults that we were born with as babies.  We grow to work hard for the A in classes, yet use it to gain more for ourselves and give less to those on need  For many our goals become distorted by our means to attain them.  Our smiles transition into smirks and our love becomes loveless.

Some things in life are so easy … to get and to give.  Love is is one of the most affable components of life … to get as well as receive.  As a matter of fact, it’s on the A list of accessibility.  And it’s just as available as it was when we were children; with the passage of time we may have to look a bit deeper, travel a little farther.   You’ll reclaim what was always yours … trust me.

With this kind of facility, everyone’s gets a free ride on the the A Train.  There could be so many more passengers, but so many of them continue to look for the ticket booth, when, in fact, they are their own sales person(s).  Just remember that on this train, no luggage will be stowed … just the travelers with one carry-on which, among others, would include conscience and compassion.  Oh, incidentally, the trip is endless; you should do your best to enjoy it.  All aboard!

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