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Why is the world obsessed with age and marital status?

I have just applied for an insurance policy on a loft I bought.  One of the questions in the application is my marital status.  Facing me is the word WIDOWED.   I have now joined a different class of people.  The people that have lost their spouse.  But I think to myself, why should an insurance company know or care if I’m married, divorced, single or a widow?  If I am a widow does that make me more or less responsible?  More or less of a basket case?

Some many of us have issues with our marital status.  Some of us are single but wish we were married, and some are married and wish we were single. Some are divorced and wished they had been divorced earlier and some like me are widows and hate to have that fact announced to people that don’t know.  The reason is that trivializes something that is so private and frankly is nobody’s business.

Age is another thing that truly bugs me.  Every magazine article, and most newspaper and TV now declares to the world people’s ages.  We are measured by our ages.  At such and such age you are supposed to have achieved X amount of money, career and personal success.  If you haven’t, sorry but you are a loser. So the fact that you may be a person of great service and morals who has chosen to spend your time and energy in things that don’t bring much money or glory makes you a nothing or close to a nothing in the eyes of the world.

Maybe someone out there can explain to me why is so important to my insurance company to know my marital status and why the heck our ages are waived in front of everybody  as a sign of success or failure.  As a matter of fact how can anyone judge anyone else?  We are unique and have our unique paths.

If someone out there has any insights into this, please don’t be shy and drop me a line.

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