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Often times, we get so involved … so caught up … so concerned … so inundated with decisions and protocol and, mostly, people that we simply loose sight of our goals.  Whether it’s about choosing the navy blue suit or the camel blazer … visiting your boss’ home for the first time and deciding to acknowledge his kids or his wife first … the Atkins diet or the South Beach diet????

Life in this new millennium has certainly arrived and bringing with it a slew of new technologies and discoveries about ourselves that would make our grand parents blink and say, “Hold on a minuet, there’s just too much going on (and seemingly all at the same time)”.  With our ever changing world often leaving us to think that we are traveling at warp speed, one could get a notion to call captain Kirk and slow down the Enterprise.  Why?  Because there’s just too much going on.  Oddly enough, every generation since recorded time has had similar anxieties.

And ever since then till now there has always been one very stabilizing factor that makes the trip from each generation to the next worth its while.   What could be so wonderful, work so well, for so long and never change?  Best of all, everybody has access to it.  Enough on the hints.  Unconditional love is the age old catalyst.

I’m sure you felt that answer coming.  Well, let’s think about it for a moment.  Better yet, let’s feel about it.  The feeling that you had for your first pet or the feeling that overwhelmed you when you knew “this is the one” or that feeling you get when you are holding your infant baby and the center of your world yawns and then curls those tiny little fingers … you know the feeling I’m talking about.  There’s no money that can buy that feeling, no position in your company that warrants it, no deal to influence it.  There’s absolutely nothing between you and the object of your attention except what you can’t see or touch, but certainly can be felt.

And you thought that your AAA membership was the best deal in town?  No, my friend, the best deal in the the world is to be in love … with your family, your friends, co-workers and yes, people you don’t even know.  Most importantly, you really need to love yourself; it’s amazing how easy it is to love someone else after you found all those unique things that make you … yes … a lovable person.

Find that feeling of appreciation and gratitude for what you’ve been allowed to do with your life … no matter how minimal a grade you would give yourself.  Don’t clutter your line of communication with your self and your recipient, no matter who it is.  It would be naive to suggest that we should “like” everybody;  that would be a feat unexpected of anybody, regardless of their generous spirit.  However, we all have the capacity to love everybody.   We really do … and it’s more simple to do than you may realize.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Rid yourself of preconceived notions, obtuse ideologies and unsubstantiated fears.  Practice random acts of kindness and compassion.  Don’t plan to be nice, just be nice.  You’ll feel it and you’ll know it.  The love will be nurtured and it will grow.  It’s really just that simple. 

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