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It’s really sad to me when I read the news about Patrick Swayze or Farrah Fawcett.  How the media treats their illness as another juice story to sell their magazine or newspaper or get ratings for their shows.  I don’t know about their stardom or who they are or what they did but I do know about cancer.  I do know how demoralizing and how painful it is.  I do know what they are going through and what their families are going through and it has nothing to do with the glitz of Hollywood.  But it has all to do with fighting for your life and losing control of everything including your bodily functions.

Why is it we can’t come to a point that we say to ourselves enough is enough give these people privacy?  The fact is if none of us bought the news and the pictures of Patrick and Farrah in the most private and important moments of their lives, the paparazzi wouldn’t take their pictures and The Star and The Enquier wouldn’t write about them.  It is up to us to set the tone of the society we want to live in.  I for one will not read anything about these two people or anybody else in that situation as I feel morally responsible to respect this very real moment in their lives.  If you agree with me, don’t buy, don’t read, and give people the space to go through this amazing hardship with decency.  While in their best days they sold us the Hollywood dream, in their privacy they are humans like us and not just a spectacle.

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