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Let’s see ….  Adam & Eve? Marc Anthony & Cleopatra? Marc Anthony and J-Lo?  Samson & Delilah?  Napoleon & Josephine, Bonnie & Clyde? Jack & Jackie?  Obviously, the pairings could go on indefinitely.

And guess what?  All of them would be the perfect pair.  Why?  Perfection is an illusory goal that no human that I’ve ever known has met.  It’s “something” that many of us strive for; however, most of us have learned to reach ultimate perfection is to deny our humanity … and reality.

To borrow from the Lexus automobile manufacturers, any pairing we may become or are already a part of  is and should be “the constant pursuit of erfection” .  Yes, the company’s marketing team were careful to be realistic. The company’s motto is designed to lure new auto buyers and retain the old ones.  It cleverly mentions (as an understatement) that it won’t promise after you drive off in that new or pre-owned vehicle thatbyour driving days will be done in Utopia.  No, your purchase will traverse the same streets and roads as always; there will pot holes to avoid and tune-ups to be had; the ride should perform as well as take care of it; some days it will purr like a kitten, others it sound like a herd of wild buffalo.

Your partner in marriage or in business or in friendship will never be perfect according to Noah Webster’s definition, but can be according to you … when you take responsibility to do your best when they are not necessarily at their best.

There’s a lady I’ve known since I was four years old.  Her name’s Arveta and she was an extremely good friend of my mom’s.   It took her over 35 hours to fly from Alaska where she was vacationing, in order  to attend my mom’s celebration of life when she passed.  That kind of good friend.  Before I had my first girlfriend, she gave me some of the best pre-marital advice I have been given … to this day.  Be with someone that you really feel you love and whose faults you can put up with; the rest is the easy part. Pretty simple and works pretty much all the time.  Keep in mind that no one’s perfect.

My mother, Bunny, who will be referred to often as we continue to get to know each other out here in the blogosphere, continuously instilled a reliance on my innate abilities and convictions.  Many times she would confirm that your heart was the best barometer for whom and what are really “right for you” while laughter was the best medicine when you hit a bump in the road.

There is no couple, no family, no friend … no true friend that can look you in the eye and tell you’re they are in a perfect relationship or environment.  If they do, find the quickest path away from them.  It simply doesn’t happen like that, at least in this world.  Recently, I overheard an applicable quote that a parent was offering to a dismayed twenty two year old daughter about recent break-up.  Permit me, if you will, to repeat it.  ”Love is never perfect … when it’s real”.  I personally feel this is a “perfect” segue to applaud and appreciate our respective imperfections….

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  1. ChrisBCool says:

    I’m not attempting to disguise my identity … quite simply, I wanted to respond to my own blog. Apparently, there was not a great deal of traffic in cyber space at the time of my choosing. It looks pretty much like I’m the first to check in?

    Having read it from an observer’s view point … not as the author proofreading it prior to forwarding on to an editor), I actually got more out of it than when I wrote it. Really. Perhaps I’ve stumbled upon a not so often traveled route to introspection and understanding, making frequent stops at honesty, clarity and acceptance?

    Simply, I can say that I am pleased and motivated to share more at Love Project Inc..

    Keep Smiling.

    P.S. Thanks to all of those who are checking us out. Hope you stay on board?