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We all would like the world to revolve around us, to deliver an uninterrupted stream of the stuff of our dreams, right to our doorstep. The world has other ideas; rather it has no ideas at all, and certainly none about the delicacies that pirouette through our imaginations. Ideas reside in the grey domain that is sequestered from reality by the skull. There they stay, forbidden to venture into the daylight, unable to walk among the living. So it’s rather fitting that a sphere of bone, that universal symbol of death, delineates the living world from that other world that is not quite dead, and not alive either, inhabiting its own, different order of reality, though I use that term loosely, maybe even paradoxically or contradictorily.

But I digress. My point is that the world has little interest in our wishes, in delivering the goods we want, and does not revolve around any known pivot, but runs in an infinite number of intricate streams that are always on the move, always in a state of transformation and flux. To describe life as an utterly unwieldy amalgamation of fluid phenomena is to make the point comprehensible, though at the cost of understatement. There are certainly times when the universe configures itself in a way that we experience as pleasurable, joyful, fun, benevolent etc. But to think that it will freeze itself into a smiling snapshot and shine rays of happiness that extend over the length of our lives is a case of wishful thinking trying to wag the world. Pleasant events unfold, and then float off into the void where our outstretched hands grasp at nothing at all.

As one interested in acquiring a more durable experience/state of peace and happiness I can’t quite relinquish the idea of getting a world that is in a state of ceaseless, eternal, and seemingly random motion to align more closely with my stated aim. It occurs to me that a pivot is by definition the single stationary point at the center of all the revolving things that inhabit its personal universe. Be still child! Make like the pivot! And by child I mean the mind of man, which is running around with its pants down most of the time, and often as not hasn’t been potty trained, so you get the scent of the picture. The only way to get the world to revolve around our lanterns, metaphorically speaking, is by cultivating a tranquil mind, a mind that watches the swirl of phenomena, the unfolding storm of events, from a state of repose whose stillness intuitively divines the patterns of the great kaleidoscopic reality moving about in our yards. A mind of this sort knows the score: that the world will never give us what we want all the time. But at least we will be watching as it disappoints us, in a state of rapture and bliss.

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