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Although I’m not a native of California (big surprise), I have resided here long enough to pick up some pretty easy to form habits.  Deciphering environmental license plates of car owners in the Golden state can be a real challenge from time to time.  Just recently, I stopped for a traffic light at the intersection of Wilshire & Westwood.  A car length ahead of me, in an adjacent lane, was a late model vehicle (manufacturer and model will remain anonymous for obvious reasons that follow) with “LN2LVME” as identified on its license plate.

Having gotten fairly astute at this pastime, I, short of a second or so, made this translation: LN2LVME  = Learn To Love Me.  Most of you reading this, in spite of what thoroughfare you use to get around your town, probably would have guessed the same as I?  Shortly after awarding myself, again, for “discernment of the not so obvious”, I thought about something that should have been very obvious.

It came to me in a flash.  If I was correct in my presumption, this was a plea to, perhaps, a lover, a spouse, a child … whoever … for the intended to be loved or to be more appreciated or just to be paid attention to.  Clearly, I thought, this was a person who felt misunderstood, even  “unloved”?  How sad, I went on to conclude that this was someone who was calling in desperation to get what we all need.  Love.

Then my thoughts evolved to a level more discomforting than the first?  What if this person was beyond a request, but had given up on love?  What if “LN2LVME” actually meant Learn to Leave Me”

The lesson I got from a person whom I probably will never meet but may have encountered the likes of more times than I know, was simply this:  Don’t be in so much of a hurry that you don’t pay attention to the ones that you mean so much to.  Sometimes the signs of their needing you are not easy to see.   Hopefully, you will respond in kind to the plea as suggested in my first interpretation of the license plate message rather than that of the second, which could be too late.  Remember, the signs of the times are all around us, even at a busy intersection in one of the heart of Los Angeles, the City of the Angels….

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