From Iran With Love

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Although there are still facts to be clarified, there’s little doubt that there is an overwhelming majority of this world’s Persian populace that publicly demonstrated their blatant displeasure with its recent election results.  No doubt, there is a lot of doubt as to the integrity and fairness exercised by many of the country’s opposition to the present day regime.

The issue is primarily about freedom and justice.  It’s something pretty much about what we, as a new country, fought for and for many, were willing to die for.  It’s pretty much what we, as an established super power now, are still attempting to maintain.  

And so it is with love.  Love does not manifest itself just as a deep affection for two people or a family or a community, but, yes, for a nation, as well.  Whether it’s for Irene or Iran, that undeniable attachment which  mostly only the heart and soul can harbor is existent on so many levels … in this case, one of patriotism and the conduits by which this love can be expressed.  Certainly to starve the flames of a burning desire to love and to be loved by your partner or your government can have disastrous results. 

Risking your job, your way of life, even your life, for what you love commands an immeasurable amount fortitude which can best be augmented by freedom.  To be willing to forfeit your pleasures in life for something held to be more important, more necessary is definitely what the freedom to love is about.   Sacrifice and patience are often the pillars of support by which this objective is accomplished.

By now, you are probably well aware of the overnight popularity and praise for a true martyr in the quest for freedom in Iran. Her name will be forever emblazoned on the millions of hearts and minds that have participated, directly or indirectly, in this display of love for country and for her compatriots.  Her name is Neda and it translates as divine calling.  Think about that a moment more … divine calling … understandably to the ultimate, to be free to love what she believed in.

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