Note to Self #2

June 25, 2009 by  
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I’m in a foul mood.  I’m angry and feeling sorry for myself.  In my head the thinking “no matter what I do or how hard I try, nothing works “keeps my little rat brain busy.

Maybe I should not be writing this for The Love Project Inc. but the truth is I’m not perfect and I have never been much of a liar.  So while I spend an enormous amount of my time and energy talking about love and being of service sometimes life for me just sucks.

I’m feeling like crying or just running naked around the block screaming of the top of lungs.  What could have happened that is making you feel this way? you might be thinking right about now.   The answer is nothing beyond the usual.  The next question might be “are you PMSing?” and the answer is no.  So what’s up?

I’m overwhelmed.  My father has health issues, my sister is in crisis, my sister in law is in crisis, the economy (including mine) is in crisis, and my best friend is in crisis.  I have flown to Brazil and back three times this year alone.  I have tried to help everyone, even though I’m still healing from my own personal losses, and in all this I’ve forgotten to love and take care of myself.  So I’m overwhelmed and today I’m running on an empty tank. 

I’m irritated and maybe if I had taken sometime to love myself I wouldn’t be so stressed. 

Note to self:  remember that love starts with oneself or you won’t have enough gas to get to the finish line.

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