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Written by Deborah Calla

 Time, time, time, sometimes it’s too fast sometimes too slow.

 Time, time, time, I hear the cuckoo coming out.  Cuckoo, Cuckoo.  It strikes 8 PM.

 Time, time, time sometimes too much, sometimes it’s too little.

 What is the measure of time?  What’s enough time?  What’s not enough?

 So many conjectures about time.  Parallel time.  What does it really mean?

 People come and people go.  Time goes by.  Time goes on.

 I don’t really know but sometimes there is too much time and sometimes there is not enough.

 How do we handle time?  When it’s too little and when we need more?  When it’s too much and when we need less?

 I don’t know, but the clock keeps ticking and the cuckoo will be coming out soon.  It’s two minutes to 9 pm now.

 Deborah Calla is the writer of many articles for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and the author of three health and fitness books for Putnam and Scholastic.  She’s also the founder of The Love Project Inc.

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One Response to “Time”
  1. markus7a says:

    Remember Zeno’s paradox? I think that was the one where if you continuously divide the distance that it takes to travel between two points, you come to the conclusion that it is impossible for anything ever to arrive at its destination. I tried to use it as an excuse for tardiness once, claiming that in light of Zeno’s paradox it was a miracle that I had arrived at all. However, my erudite employer quickly refuted this line of argumentation, pointing out that employees have somehow been managing throughout the course of history.
    Zeno’s paradox teaches us that thinking too much about time, can turn out to be a great way to waste time. Alas, the art of killing time is an underappreciated one.