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Like the rest of the world, I, too, watched the meticulously planned and very well executed celebration of Michael Jackson’s eccentric and complex, yet professional and simple life.  Sure, he was different in so many ways, yet so amazingly like so many people that we know and care for.  Much has been made of his weird, childlike behavior, his undeniable ability to amass wealth beyond expectation, his equally hard to believe knack for creating debt that would exceed some small countries, his  proficiency and delivery of  some of the best choreographed dance routines and music videos ever seen by anyone of the readers of this blog.

What isn’t discussed much, at least until yesterday’s service at Staples Center in LA, is his raw, unabashed. unrehearsed, sincere love of people … all kinds of people … all colors of people … all ages of people, all religions of people … all people, period.   Speaker after speaker, all exuded the same message:  Michael loved what he did because he loved the results that it brought to others.  Michael loved making people happy.  And watching the numbers of viewers from around the globe, it was pretty evident that the people approved of what he was able to do for them.

MJ was generous beyond our wildest imagination … try setting the Guinness Book of World Records for most charitable contributions by any celebrity in the recorded history of donations. After Tuesday, I dare not think he did it for the notoriety; he did it because that’s what he was about.  Actually, the huge amounts of money that he distributed were a small factor at best for my conviction of his generosity.  It was the charity of his love for others that convinced me to take a second look at this new age phenomenon.

As I watched, in just a few short seconds, his daughter, Paris, so proudly and sincerely claimed her dad as the best there was. There was no doubt in my mind how caring and loving he must have been for her and her two brothers.   As she cried for her father, a good portion of the world came around to seeing and understanding a Michael Jackson they had never known before.

So often we make judgment calls based on what seems to be, but not on what really is.   If the ”King of Pop” was to be likened to another animated character other than Peter Pan, I would certainly nominate the Energizer Bunny with a slight twist … this one would simply keep on giving and giving and giving and …..

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