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I truly know the value of friendship.  If not for my friends I wouldn’t have made it when I lost my husband.   

At that time, I had friends staying with me, taking me out and calling me for months.  Actually they still do that, no longer because they are concerned for me “making it” but because they love me and I love them.

I’ve always been a people person.  When I commit to a relationship, I’m there, no matter what.  I’ve had friends for over thirty years and many are in different parts of the world. But now with quick internet connections we can Skype and email and its easier to stay in touch.   

I’ve always known that friends are important but I’ve recently come across a New York Times article that states that friends also allow you to live longer. 

Check out this link from the New York Times, and then call a friend and let them know how you are and ask them how they are, if you want to live longer :)

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