Pee In The Shower

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A TV commercial like the SOS Mata Atlantica (SOS Atlantic Rainforest) has put out to save the Atlantic rainforest makes me proud of having been born in Brazil.  It’s fun, it pushes the envelope but mostly it makes sense.

The commercial recently released urges people to pee in the shower.  That’s right in the shower.  SOS Mata Atlantica argues that one less flush a day could save up to 4380 liters (1157 gallons) of water annually.  That’s a lot of water to save. 

Let me translate and post the commercial for you: “Pee in the shower.  We want everybody to do it. Brazilians and foreigners, kids, trapeze artists, nobles, poor people, musicians, Indians, good people, not so good people, lovers, athletes, movie stars, everybody. If you pee, you are invited.  To pee in the shower.  Help the Atlantic rainforest.”

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  1. wlithgow says:

    Loved it… Can’t wait to try it.