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I was reading an article from on  when I got an email from my sister in-law suggesting I read the article. 

The title of the article is “Cancer, my parents and my doubts about God.” The writer, Kelly Corrigan, talks about her parents unwavering Catholic faith and her very wavering religious beliefs. 

Both she and her father were diagnosed with cancer within the same year and while her parents prayed and eventually attributed both Kelly’s and her father’ recovery to prayer and God, Kelly and her husband hit the internet and did due diligence.

My husband and I never turned to God for his recovery from cancer. We turned to healthy eating, laughter, love, and best medical care available, but others prayed for us.

My husband was an atheist. I’m also an atheist but I do leave room for the mysteries of life and I am a stout believer in the power of love. And as Kelly says in her piece, I wish one day I will come to believe that I will be together with all the people I love even though right now, it almost seems impossible that would happen.

My sister in law, on the other hand turned to her beliefs.  She went to Agape and prayed.  She lit more digital candles than anybody at a prayer site.  And she made collages with all of our pictures, and the doctors’ pictures, and healthy images and wrote everywhere “I see perfect health and full recovery.” 

I have always appreciated other people praying for me in any language to whomever they believed was listening to them. My friends’ love and energy while asking for my well being was what I was thankful for and what I believed in.

In going through my husband’s emails while writing a book, I came across these three emails below that spoke about prayer:

From: chris rubin

Date: May 2, 2006 10:36:34 AM PDT

To: Alexa

Subject: Re: positive thoughts

I’m not big on prayers, less so on those coming from strangers. but i would be happy to be in your thoughts.

From: chris rubin

Date: July 4, 2006 2:32:40 AM PDT

To: Brooke

Subject: Re: best possible news

can’t wait to see you, karyn and other much-loved friends who thought about me, prayed for me, etc. 




From: Chris
Sent: Wednesday, January 24, 2007 1:59 PM
To: Liver Support Group
Subject: Re: Support Group Articles/Topic

People prayed for me, and I suppose I took some level of comfort from that, but only in the sense that I was comforted by their love and concern.


We were able to keep Chris going for two and a half years, from April 06 through August 08, but he eventually died on the fifteenth of August. He died still being an atheist but I believe that if he could have written another email about prayer it would have been something like this:

From: Chris

Sent: August 15th 2008

To: All my friends and family

Subject: My Love for you

Dear Friends and Family:

I did not want to leave you but I know my time is here. You have made my illness bearable and my life full. Thank you for all your prayers, they’ve helped me much. Through them I now know how much you love and care about me. 

Please continue to love and laugh and please take special care of the small one.



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