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One of my blog readers often corresponds with me.  Recently she brought up The Secret and asked if I had read the book or seen the movie.  I told her I hadn’t done either but was aware of the project.  It had been and it is a great internet success. 

Yesterday, after my family left, my sister and nieces have been staying with me for two weeks I downloaded The Secret and watched it.

The basic message of The Secret is the law of attraction.  What you think and concentrate on is what you will attract in your life.  It’s simple to communicate and to understand.  And that’s where I have a little bit of a concern with. 

Let me explain what I mean.  Of course I agree that negativity tends to attract negativity and positivism attracts positivism.  I also agree that everything in existence is energy and that is a scientific reality.  But what makes it all a bit more complicated are three things:  1 – who we are and what we wish is not separate from the rest of the world, 2 – we can’t fake being positive and 3 – time has its own mind.

Let me talk about#1:  My energy and yours and everyone’s and everything are one huge mass of energy interacting and modifying everything.  And what is energy? Energy is vibration that can never be created or destroyed only modified.  The reason we see objects and ourselves is because we are in low frequencies.  Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that not only we need to project positive energy into the world but what surrounds us has to be positive.  And the world has to jive with what we want.

#2 – Being positive and seeing the glass half full is a true state of mind.  You can’t fake it.

But why would anyone choose to look at a glass half empty if we do have an alternative? This is something we can all work on; to try to see the positive in everything. 

August 15th marked one year since my husband passed away.  There is nothing in that that is positive.  But rethinking my life, changing as person, starting this site, writing a book etc. is positive.  I found a way to use my pain and sadness and transform it into something good.

#3 – I think a lot about the concept of time.  How something can feel at the same time like it happened yesterday and also a long time ago?  How an hour sometimes can go by really fast and sometimes really slow.  I think the reason for that is because time is a concept we all function by but that in a way is affected by each one of us individually.  So if I have strong feelings about something my time relationship with that something is unique. 

The world also has its own time and so sometimes the results or consequences of thoughts and actions can play out immediately or in the future.  Because we are a society of quick results, the world’s own idea of time always frustrates and disappoints us.

Anyway, I think being clear about what we want and being positive about ourselves and life is mandatory for a more fulfilling experience but we also need to truly believe in what we want, surround ourselves with others that support who we are and allow the world to deliver in its own time.  And of course, all of this is just my opinion.

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