Love Or Music?

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Which of the two qualify for the most universal component for world peace?  Not that I have conducted a highly reliable scientific study to get the answer, but I sense that my conversations about this question would have most choosing love?  Whichever is your pick, I would certainly ascribe to either being a “perfect choice”.

Needless to say, the more we learn to love one another and treat each one accordingly as a result, the less fear and suspicion we will retain; thus allowing ourselves to be more at ease and receptive to our neighbors around the corner, as well as around the world.  As I would hope most reading this already know, love is not just about hugs and kisses or diamond rings and vacations or Valentines Day candy and birthday cards.  It’s about compassion and understanding; it’s about trust and patience; it’s about staying together when circumstances are not conveniently circumspect; it’s about a feeling that allows us to go beyond where we never dreamed to make our spouse or child or friend realize their dream and their deserved comfort. 

Then, there’s music.  Whether it is Puccini or Presley, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir or the Temptations, a classical guitar solo or a DJ’s syncopated turn table technique, there is something in a certain sound that ‘floats our respective boats’.  I’ve quoted Friedrich Nietzche before, yet this presents another such opportunity:  “If God would have made the world without music, he would have made a mistake”.  We, of course, are not all musicians, but we can certainly appreciate what stimulates us … even if we don’t speak the same language nor practice the same customs.  Music does present a universal opportunity to learn more about its creators and listeners with the potential to love them as well.  It’s really not that far fetched.

As a matter of fact, I have decided to merge the two entities and suggest that the love of music can create a force powerful enough to command respect and appreciation for others that we may have never known otherwise.  Try discovering a new kind of music, you just may get to know someone, playing or listening, that you never dreamed of before.  And who knows, you just may love what you hear and whom you see?

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