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Everyone I’m sure, harbors something they like or don’t about the idea of universal health care and are discussing this pivotal topic at different water coolers, bowling alleys, beauty shops and dining rooms from Maine to New Mexico.

Quite candidly, without offering a near endless list of pros and cons, I firmly feel that the currently proposed plan would offer our citizens a far cry better deal than most of us are getting at the present. When people have to take a second or even a third job more for the health care benefits than for the wages, it’s time to re-examine our principles and our way of living.   Families want to be secure in knowing that their premiums won’t go up just when a bread winner looses his/her job.  

When a severely shrinking middle class consider opting for insurance and pharmaceutical  companies to continue to make gargantuan profits which are too stubborn (and greedy) to cut better deals for those most in need, someone’s got to ask, ” When does crazy stop and care start?”

It’s as if the opposition to a universal plan is purposely trying to confuse and mislead the very ones who stand to benefit the most.  Could it simply be a matter of protecting the few who profit?    Could it be that the status quo has literally become too stagnant to fix something that has been on the back burner for too long?

All of us, either directly or indirectly, know of or knew someone who was denied health coverage for one reason or another.  The results being a prolonged illness or the ultimate price … death.  To watch, aimlessly, our loved ones and others close to us lose their health and eventually their dignity, doesn’t have to continue at the alarming rate it has.  Love manifests itself in many forms … affording a healthier life is one of them and taking care of people of this great nation, another.

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  1. oneleggedjo says:

    Hey Chris… as someone kinda sh*t on by our American healthcare system, I thought I might share a lighter note with you. Thank goodness, Obama has the courage to confront the status quo. I only hope the special interest groups don’t make him cave.