Kids And Kollege

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I’m not sure; is kids really spelled with a “k” and is Kollege really spelled with a “c”?  I am sure that some parents, like myself, who are preparing to send their “almost grown-ups” to some seemingly far away place for higher learning are scratching their heads in wonderment … about so many things.   Some days, the most elemental of things appears to be the most difficult to discern.

With the closest people to our hearts, we step back and take a long look at what according to most, went by way too fast.  From ballerina lessons to “boy lessons” in the proverbial snap of the finger.  One day you look up and your child informs you that she’ll be spending that Saturday evening at the movies with “the girls” or maybe even with “George” a local basketball star  … and you won’t be with either selection.    It’s all happening so quickly it vaguely makes sense.

This folks is in a large way what life is about.  Paying attention, keeping pace, planning executing, and witnessing our dreams come true; though often times we’re not ready to wake up from them.   How many times have you referenced your daughter or son or nephew or niece with the remark, “It seems like it was just yesterday when …. ?”

There is one pivotal consolation for all of this.   It’s the constant and unconditional love that you give and that you get in return.  With things in this still fairly new millennium happening as rapidly as they do, it’s prudent to take a slow minute, find an unhurried spot and just simply think … think about how lucky we are, in spite of what we think we’re lacking.  To be thankful for the years that have passed, and we’re still here to appreciate them, and the ones we love that have grown through them.

Yep, it gets a little crazy for all of us at one point or another … whether it’s a college or a car, a job or a jerk at the job, a date or a divorce, a promotion or a promise; but it’s up to us to make the most sense of what we have to deal with.  Some days will certainly be better than others.  No matter when or what it is, staying focused and offering respect and love to our loved ones and to those we don’t even know, will always be the right thing to do … no matter how you spell it.

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