People Who Devote Time, Money And Skills To Making A Difference

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By Amy Wilson
(MONEY Magazine) – Some people seem destined to make the world a better place. Dr. Evaleen Jones of Menlo Park, Calif. is one of them.

The 42-year-old family practitioner and founder of Child Family Health International (CFHI;, a nonprofit that places medical students in impoverished communities abroad, got her start in philanthropy at a young age. In 1986, as a first-year med student at Stanford, Jones wanted to volunteer at a health clinic overseas. When she couldn’t find an opening, she bought a plane ticket and flew to Ecuador to visit clinics. She was shocked by the scarcity of equipment. So the next year she formed CFHI and spent weekends pulling together a mobile surgical unit for a clinic in Ecuador, which became CFHI’s first big donation.

CFHI has since sent some 5,000+ students abroad. The ~$2,000-a-month tuition covers room and board and also buys supplies and other necessities for the clinics where they volunteer, which helps make the partnerships possible. Schools like Princeton now offer programs in collaboration with CFHI for credit. “Students return,” says Jones, “with a passion for compassion.”


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