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A couple of days ago in the middle of a therapy session, as I was telling my therapist how much I missed my husband and the great loss I had suffered by losing someone that loved me for who I am and who truly wished my happiness, she blurted out “you miss what you were to him, what you did, how you felt and how you loved him.”

I had thought about that before but hearing out loud from someone else made me stop.  Yes, of course what I also miss is to feel and to give my love.  With that came the realization that the love is still mine, within me, and it is still alive.  Not only the love for my husband but love which can be shared and given to anybody else.  I find the recognition of having this love within me, a powerful realization because it lets me know as space is made in my heart there will be a chance to again give and experience love with a partner as well as for life itself.

There are many men and women that have experienced great losses but find in time the inspiration to live life fully.  There is no forgetting of what is gone but there is respect and appreciation for what it is and what is to come.

Finding comfort and experiencing love again is always a possibility.  I am reminded of friend who told me last year that one day I would be in a loving relationship again because I had love inside of me because I had let myself fully experience love.  At the time she said that to me I couldn’t hear what she was trying to say.  How could I ever love someone else?  If it happened at all, it would have to be second rate as I had already loved someone with all my heart.  But now I do understand my friend’s statement; the love within me is me and the love within you is yours and yours to give, to experience and to share.  Once our hearts are open to love they can’t help themselves but to continue to love.

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