I Hear You

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Below is John’s writing.  He wrote it thinking about his wife who has recently past away.

Your voice is as subtle
as the sound of silence.
I hear your whisper
steady and intense.

Your breath is as natural
as the scent of fresh air.
I inhale and exhale
in meditation and prayer.

Your touch is as soft
as a swift gentle breeze,
I feel the chills
in one heart squeeze.

Your sight is as clear
as a crisp sunny day.
I have insight
when I meditate and pray.

Your taste is as pure
as water from a stream.
I am afloat
in the wake of a dream.

Your wisdom is as bright
as the truth you bestow.
I am inspired
by what you know.


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2 Responses to “I Hear You”
  1. I love it too. Thanks for posting.

  2. jane8851 says:

    What a loving testament to John’s wife. It invokes a man finding solace in his grief by quieting his mind enough to hear her voice in his heart. I loved this poem.