Letting Life Do Its Thing

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featured_2Most of the things we do we think about the result and not the process.  What ends up happening is that the end result more often than not is different from what we had hoped for or expected.  And so we become disappoint, angry and regret the time we spent trying for whatever it was we were trying for.

John Lennon said: “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”  So why not be in the moment appreciating and enjoying the process? If we can manage to do that, the result becomes part of the process and whatever ends up being is just a peg in the wheel.

For example, of course I want this website to be successful.  I want people to find inspiration, solace and community here.  But if I only concentrated in the site being successful, I would miss out on how fun it is to think about things that are important to me that I want to share.   And how moving it is when I get an email from someone who really appreciates what I’m trying to share.  If I only thought of the result I would suffer when I didn’t have many readers in a day and I would rejoice when I had many.  I would blame myself and the outside world for the few readers. In essence I would become a prisoner of the ups and downs of internet patterns without having any control over it.  Instead of doing that I choose not to think of the outcome and just enjoy the process.  I write what I think its important and inspiring and then I leave the door open for life to do its thing.

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