Lending A Hand

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hands forming a heart

hands forming a heart

If we really want to help someone, we need to do it with compassion.  No one likes to be preached to, or feel they are being talked down.   So if we truly want to help, we put our egos aside and find a way to come from  love.

Today, when I walked into the bank two men were screaming at each other.  It turns out one of them had been rude to a teller and the other interceded.  But the way he did it was by loudly – and in front of everyone – let the rude man know how out of line he had been.  Of course the rude man responded by being even ruder and things escalated to the point that both men had to be escorted out.  The point is, if the well intentioned man really wanted to help, he should have walked to the rude man and talked to him nicely and privately.  The way it happened it seemed the well intentioned man was more interested in showing everyone how good he was.  Well, it backfired.

Giving and helping are meant to be selfless, and to be about the other person and not ourselves.  If our intention is to show how good or clever we are,  we are going to miss out on the real reward or our actions; to truly help without embarrassing, upsetting, or making the other feel guilty.

So before we jump to lend a hand, let’s ask ourselves if we really want to help or if we are just fishing for compliments.

It’s easy to make a buck.  It’s a lot tougher to make a difference.  ~Tom Brokaw

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