Why You Should Love Yourself

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If you want to have a loving relationship with a partner, you must start by loving yourself.  I know we all have heard that plenty of times but the reason for that is that it’s the absolute truth.

1. Loving who we are creates power and strength.

If all is do is try to get people to like you, you’ll come off as needy and desperate. This is a bad position to put yourself in. Because loving and respecting yourself goes hand in hand with people loving and respecting you.

2. People like people who like themselves.

Loving yourself is sooooooo attractive.  People like to be with others that love and appreciate who they are.

3. Emotional Stability.

If you love yourself you don’t need someone else’s validation.  Period.

4. Life becomes easy.

When you love yourself, you have nothing to hide.  You are happy with whom you are and so dealing with others is easy.  You don’t have to work at it because you are fine and doing well.

5. You’re happy today.

When you love yourself, you are your best friend and so you are always looking for ways to have fun and be happy today.  You don’t sit at home waiting for someone to rescue you while postponing being happy.

So how can we start to love ourselves?  Next post 🙂

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2 Responses to “Why You Should Love Yourself”
  1. Thank you. I believe it to be a worthy quote to live by.

  2. Adie says:

    “If you love yourself you don’t need someone else’s validation. Period.” Outstanding quote.