Every Day Heroes

Often heroes are people that care about and love us.  They make us feel safe and protected.  We can all be heroes by being present in people’s lives.

Read what school kids had to say about who their heroes are.  This essay contest was organized by the ThinkQuest team.

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DiodatiA hero is a person that you think is special. Most people think a hero is somebody that saves people. That is not true. A hero is really any person you think is special. You could be a hero. But I picked my great-grandmother because I think she is very, very special. When you are hurt or sick she is always there for you. If you are mad and need a little talk, she is right by your side. Also, when we go over her house she plays with us. We either play cards or play with her dolls. But, I don’t care what we play because what makes the game fun, is that my great-grandmother is there. She is also very funny. Once at Halloween she pretended she was a vampire!

Her favorite place to go is to the beach with me. We swim or find animals. It is always the best place to go. Sometimes I go to her house and watch scary movies. I love her so very much! I don’t know how I could live without her!

Rachel Diodati Grade 3

A Survivor

HowardThere have been a lot of heroes over the past. People think that you have to be strong to be a hero. (That’s not true.) There are a lot of heroes just like you and me. Hercules is a hero. But, did you know that heroes really don’t have to be s SUPER HERO!?

I have a hero. His name is Leonard Corcoran, and he is a grandfather, a husband, a carpenter and a survivor of World War II. He was in the army and he survived! He is healthy and lives a good life. After his experience in World War II he fell in love with Ruth. They got married and are now living in Bradford, Massachusetts. They have more than eight wonderful grandchildren. They go on family trips and are having no trouble at all surviving the rest of their adventures in life.

He plays with me and tells me that he will teach me how to make things with wood and how to put things together. We will try to make the best fun out of the years to come. He is getting older and has a hearing aide. I believe in him and and I have trust in him. I hope he will live and be active for a long time.

He is my hero, my grandfather, a husband, a carpenter and A SURVIVOR!

Molly Howard Grade 3

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