Beware Of Labels

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What am I talking about?  Here it goes: “A nice girl wouldn’t act this way”, “ A responsible man wouldn’t do this or that?”.

We have created labels and now we struggle between living our lives as we see it and living up to and within the labels that we have helped create.

So let’s be real honest; good girls sometimes want to be sexual while still being good mothers, girlfriends, friends, and neighbors.  Strong men sometimes need to be vulnerable and have a good cry.

These labels, established by society and embraced by us, only serve to stop us to fully being ourselves and living our lives without guilt.

We should realize labels are created out of fear.  We, as a society, have agreed we will only move a couple of inches one way or another from what is accepted in order for us to feel safe.  I will always know and you will always know what we and our lives are about.  But that is just theory.  The reality is completely different because we are all unique and process life in an unique way.

We need to brake away from the labels and give ourselves the opportunity to live and experience what life brings us every day without meaningless guilt.   We don’t need to be financially rich to be a rich person.  We don’t have to be successful in our careers to be successful.  We can lead satisfying lives and so be rich and successful.

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