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featured_1Yesterday, a friend sent me a link to a TED Talk (Ideas worth spreading).  The talk was by Simon Sinek ( and it was about a discovery that changed his life.  His discovery pertains as to why some people are able to achieve certain things that seem to defy any assumptions.  His answer is that those people think, act and communicate in a different way than most people.  They do it from the inside out.  They think, act and communicate with their passion with their whys.

I thought it was a very good talk as it clearly delineates the difference between going from task to task and letting the years pile up and living life with purpose and passion.

Living an inspire life has nothing to do with money, education or power.  But has everything to do with living with meaning.  When we fight for things we truly belief in, we live a rich life and we inspire others to do the same.

I believe what delivered Obama the White House was his ability to inspire people to have hope.  Was he a better candidate than Hillary Clinton?  I don’t know, but I do know he became the better candidate because people began to have hope.  I also know his belief was genuine otherwise we would have been able to see through it.

Of course not all of us need to run for president to be inspired and to inspire.  We can do that in a smaller scale but as profound.

Finding that idea that makes us feel engaged and committed is what an inspired life is.  That belief can be from helping strangers every day, to giving the best education you can to your children, to saving the world.  It just has to be something that no matter what happens it will sustain you and you will sustain it.

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