The Healing Power Of Silence

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I met someone today who had just come back from New York City.  As I lived in New York for 11 years we started to talk about life there and quickly we got into the subject of noise.  I mentioned to her that the last place I had lived in there was on Third Avenue between 26th and 27th street and my bedroom faced Third Avenue.  To people unfamiliar with Manhattan, a bedroom facing Third Avenue is like saying I used to sleep inside a washing machine while running on the heavy load cycle.   The funny thing is while living on Third Ave. I didn’t notice the noise.

It’s now been a good fifteen years since I moved to LA.  My first place here was on the beach where the sounds of the waves crashing down against the shore serenaded me at night and now I live in Silver Lake where the birds chirp me up in the morning.

All of that to say I’m very aware of noise and sounds today.  So although, as mentioned above, my life has substantially less city noises I still need to take time out from the cell phone, cars, etc.

Silence is extremely healing and necessary.  We need to cool down the senses as we are bombarded by sound stimuli all day keeping us at a certain level of stress.

So make sure you give silence a chance in your life by going to the beach or taking a walk in the woods.  No phones, no talking.  Just the sounds of your breath.

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