What Do Dogs And Letters Have In Common?

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Shai 002Even though I have two dogs I only watched Marley and me for the first time last night.  I loved the film but the last monologue of Owen Wilson at the end of the film was perfect: A dog doesn’t care what car you drive, where you live, if you are rich or poor.  “Give your love and it will give you its heart.”

I know it’s sentimental but how amazing to be fully loved for who we are regardless of our successes and failures.  Love for love.

This morning I was reading a post on CNN.com (http://www.cnn.com/2010/LIVING/05/27/letters.irpt/index.html?hpt=C2) on how significant it is to receive a letter in the mail versus an email.  The people and examples the post used talked about being able to feel the writer’s emotions and intends in the letter, something they could not have experienced in an email.

I believe that is because when we write a letter today, it is special.  We sit down, we think about what to say, and then we put pen to paper hoping our handwriting gives a bit of us to the receiver.

I have cards my husband wrote me that I read from time to time.  The way he wrote his letters and punctuation is personal to him. It is a little bit of him.

What I’m talking about is what really moves and touches us are actions and relationships that are based in love.  That while the technology we have make this world more efficient and a smaller place, we must from time to time revert to old ways and relate in very personal ways.

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