Remembering To Live And Love With Passion

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Human Hearts

Human Hearts

We gain many skills and understandings as we get older like wisdom and self-assurance.  But we also loose such qualities as our ability to take risks and expose ourselves and be vulnerable. And that is a pity.

We think twice about pursuing a relationship with someone who we feel passionate about because we are afraid of where our feelings might take us.  And even worse, what if it doesn’t work out?

Or we may be paralyzed to pursue work that we really care about because of again “what if it doesn’t work?”

With the years and experiences we learn the pain that results from relationships gone south, unrequited love, and loss.  So we learn to stop taking risks because we don’t want to hurt.

While we can all understand the reasoning what we are giving up is more vital to us. We are giving up living life with passion and in pursuit of what makes us truly alive.

I’m not saying go out and love with all your heart and forget about anybody else or anything else.  And I’m not saying quit your job and follow your dreams.

But I am saying it is important to allow our feelings the breath they need and it is important to drive our lives towards all the spots we want to visit.  That is the essence of life.  Exposing ourselves to true experiences.

So I ask, how many of us profess to want a relationship, to want to love, but are so shut down that love would need a machete instead of an arrow to actually penetrate our hearts?

How many of us come up with endless excuses for not pursuing our life’s dream?

Recognizing that we might be one of those people is the first step towards changing.

Second step is self-esteem/self-knowledge and self-respect.  If you have self-esteem then if a relationship becomes hurtful you will know how to stop it or change it.  So trust your heart to love freely knowing that you have your own back.

If you have self-respect, if something you try doesn’t work out, you will not take it as a reflection of whom you are as a human.  What a freeing feeling! We can try many times over to achieve our dreams without making our missteps be a sentence of our capacity and value.

Finding that balance between being completely reckless and being open is a constant in our lives but the more we know ourselves the more we will be able to rely on our inner strength to carry us through an exciting life.

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