Loving What Is: Four Questions That Could Change Your Life

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I really like this post by Stacey Lawson.  It is an excerpt of her interview with Byron Katie, the writer of such books as “Loving What is” and “A Thousand Names For Joy”.

The reason I like this interview is that it talks about the story WE create around an event and how that story then becomes what perpetuates our pain.   In other words the feelings we attach to an event is what keeps us stuck in that event.

I recently caught myself feeling frustrated and sad about a project I’ve been pouring my heart into but have yet to see what I thought it was the corresponding success.  I was faced with two choices either give up the project or change how I felt about it.  When I changed my expectations  I was able to continue to work on my project with the same enthusiasm I had when I first started.  I changed my thinking and with that I changed the way I was experiencing my project.  I now look forward to the work.

Stacey Lawson

Co-founder of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology UC Berkeley

When I read this line in Katie’s best-selling book Loving What Is, it struck a deep chord. We are often encouraged to “Stay in the Now,” and to “Accept What Is,” but the raw truth of Katie’s declaration hit home. Fighting, judging and resisting reality is simply a losing proposition. It’s stressful. And it doesn’t work … 100 percent of the time.

So what does work?

Byron Katie has developed a simple process, called “The Work,” to identify and question the thoughts that cause all the fear and suffering in the world. According to her, it is not the actual events of our lives, but the stories we hold about them, that bring us pain. The key to ending our suffering is examining our unexamined beliefs…Continued

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