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On a trip to the West coast four months ago, the stars lined up for me to meet an amazing woman. We went from the casual “Are you on a vacation?” to sharing our deepest feelings regarding what was really happening in our lives. Her journey the past few years with breast cancer… the loss of her breasts, five surgeries. My life with my late husband… his need for a heart transplant, the limited time we had before that window softly closed. Complete strangers sharing the darkest time of life; a conversation about our reality, life journeys full of heartbreak and tears.

For months we have continued that conversation through emails and happy hours via phone. We were well aware of how tough it is to be in our 50s and feeling like a fish out of water.

She often holds back tears when lifelong girlfriends spend the majority of their time with her talking about kids and grandkids, something she had always wanted, yet a club she would never get to join.

Being comfortable in our own skin isn’t easy. Having conversations about real life often brings tears not laughter…

It’s such a personal journey. We know there aren’t any answers or magic wands to make everything better.

When life offers you the opportunity, lay all your cards on the table and share life without holding back. It creates such a spectrum of hope. Hope in finding the strength and courage to accept what we can’t change.

For it is in giving that we receive.

- Saint Francis of Assi

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