Learning To Listen To Our Intuition

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Everything we need to know we can by listening to ourselves.  Of course I’m not talking about the answer to mathematical problems or the discovery of cancer treatments.  I am referring to the initial reaction to others and situations we all have.  It’s the sum of our life wisdom with intuition.

Wisdom comes from life experience.  Intuition can be attributed to a number of things depending on our belief system but for the purpose of this post, let’s say intuition is our inner voice which lets us know what often our minds have a hard time picking up and understanding.

The problem with intuition is that it speaks in a soft voice and places no demands on execution.  In other words it says what it needs to say but it is up to us to listen to it and take action, and there is where the problem lays.

How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you knew the outcome but decided to ignore it only to see it happen exactly as you thought it would later?

I have just come back from seeing a friend who was in tears because of a man she was dating broke up with her without any reason or explanation.  When the two started to go out, this particular man had been single for only 3 weeks and when they befriended each other on Facebook (yes, it is the social media age after all)  she saw exchanges of “I love you” between him and his former four year old relationship everywhere on the page.   On top of it all, on the first week of my friend’s relationship, the guy was asking her for pictures, calling, texting, sexting, and making plans way out into the future.   His behavior was odd and red flags were flying everywhere and my friend knew - because she told me so at the time – but she decided not to listen.  The end result is that in less than four months the relationship was over and my friend is now left to lick her wounds wondering where things derail.

Intuition plays a role in everything we do; work, love and play but the reason why we are so stubborn is because we don’t trust our own inner wisdom and we believe we have the power to change others.

I propose fully listening to our intuition and even if we decide not to follow its wisdom to at least proceed with caution based on its mysterious source of knowledge.  Intuition exists to warn and protect us.  Let’s help keep its mission intact.

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