Wedding Anniversary

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I have never been too keen on dates but August is a difficult month for me.  August 15th marks two years of my husband’ passing.  August 26th is my forth wedding anniversary but the groom won’t be present.

Without me realizing the weight of these two dates have sneaked up on me and I grief for the man who used to walk around the Silver Lake reservoir singing with me theme songs I had authored for our dog.

I grief for the man who danced around the house with me and with whom I laughed till we were on the floor unable to speak.  And I grief for the man who thought I was special and who had so much desire to live.

Much has happened and much has changed but the memories of those days remain fresh and alive.

I stopped asking why a long time ago.  I dealt with his loss the same way I dealt with his illness; head on.

I had learned then the best way to deal with challenge is by releasing any control and embracing that which presents itself to us.

Loss hurts deeply but we must go on and we do go on.  And we find a new way to bathe in the sun, to laugh, to kiss and to look forward to the future; whatever that is.

To all out who are hurting, I send my love, understanding and my wish for courage.

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