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Think simplicity.

Twice in my life I have experienced complete bliss.

When I lived in NYC, many years ago, I had a house upstate NY in an area which at the time was mostly economically depressed but had amazing mountains, lakes and streams.  I was living in a very abusive relationship which lasted eleven years.  My refuge was going upstate.

I had a friend there who had been born and raised in the small town where my house was.  He built custom made furniture and lived alone in the woods.  He planted and cut his own trees to make beautiful tables, chairs, and beds.  He led a simple life with his dog who only liked two people; him and me.

One night, my friend invited the man I lived with and me to come to dinner.  It was winter, and the night was really quiet.

After dinner, I got up from the table and went to lie down on the couch in the living room.  The fireplace was lit and the dog came to sit at my feet.  A few minutes later my friend followed me into the living room and sat on a chair behind the couch.  Neither he nor I said anything.  We both just sat quietly and I experienced for the first time in my life that everything was as it should be.  For those short moments I was at complete peace.  I didn’t need anything and I didn’t miss anything.

The next time and the last time I felt like that was again upstate New York on a beautiful summer day sitting in a lake by myself while the fish swam around me like I was just a thing they had to get by.  Not a human just an obstacle.  The combination of the sun, quiet, and solitude again made me feel like I was in harmony part of the universe.

What strikes me as interesting is that those two moments in my life were about simplicity.  No fireworks, no big bands, just fire in the fireplace, the quiet of the winter, the sun of the mountains and fish going about their business.

We often think of happiness coming from big accomplishments either of money, business or relationships. If I reflect on my own experience I know those are the wrong places to be placing our bets on happiness.   I’ve had the fireworks many times but nothing has brought me the peace that those two simple moments gave me.

Contentment, Happiness, Simplicity.

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