Six Steps To Deal With Anxiety

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As we move through the process of change having a relapse into old habits and response system is a natural occurrence.  After all we have spent so much of our lives being a certain way that when we decide to be different the old ways won’t’ go away without a fight.

I’m specifically thinking about trigger points that bring about fear and anxiety.  Let’s imagine we are passed recognizing that those responses are not productive and adequate and are well on our way to not respond with fear when those trigger points are pressed.  But let’s say one day under pressure we crumble and we are back at shaking at the knees and having a hard time handling the situation.

Maybe the first thought that comes to our minds is: “Nothing has changed.  Nothing will.  I’m a prisoner of this response system.”  But somewhere within us we know this thought is not true.  The key then becomes accessing that certainty.  How do we do that?

  1. We take many conscious breaths.  Connecting to our breath will always center and calm us down.
  2. We stop our mind from going over and over again the events that are making us anxious and direct our minds to think about the conclusions we have already achieved; anxious response to this trigger is motivated by personal fear – the origin of it not being the point here – and giving myself to it only results in an increase of anxiety and of beating myself up.
  3. Remembering how content we can actually be by connecting to the feeling of freedom will also make us move away from anxiety because of regardless of what has transpired that feeling of peace and contentment is the most important.
  4. After the above steps we are ready to remember we are not solely responsible for any situation and nothing stays the same.  Everything situation is the result of dynamics between us and others.  So why are we taking it fully upon ourselves?  Also, life keeps going and if we hold on to a situation and its fear response we become stuck.  We need to be patient and allow time to heal us and others.
  5. Forgive ourselves and others.  None of us is perfect.
  6. Finally we can relax our body by lying down, closing our eyes and listening to music while maintaining a connection to our breath.

Next time you find yourself slipping back into an anxiety ridden state try the steps above, they do work.  Take it from me, I use them all the time.

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