Getting Older = Getting Wiser

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One of my favorite phrases these days is: “One of the good things about getting older is experience.”   I’m still learning – just as I did when I was a child and a teenager – but backing me up now is my life experience.  Today I know in my DNA, nothing stays the same.  Life is in constant transformation and if sometimes we feel we are cornered we will soon be proven wrong.

I think that is the most important knowledge I have acquired in my life; to know that as much as I may be hurting, the feeling will not stay the same.  Things will happen and people will walk in and out of my life forcing me to allow change to happen.  It is then that free will will come into play.  It will be up to me if I’ll guide transformation to a positive or negative space.

I have often been asked how I found the inspiration to write about love right after losing my husband who I loved dearly.  To me the answer has always been clear; I refuse to allow profound love – what my husband and I had for each other – become pain and grief.

There is no question that each one of us will go through many wins and losses throughout our journeys but how we decide to go through them is up to us.

When we are young we usually kick and scream and “why me” is often the chosen anthem.  Who amongst us didn’t spend a Saturday in bed thinking it was the end of our lives because he or she didn’t want to be our boyfriend or girlfriend any longer?   Or what about when we lost a loved pet and thought we would never again be able to care for another dog or cat? Or when we did poorly at a test and thought our lives were over.

As we get older we can look back and know from experience there will be other relationships, pets and work if we allow life’s flow to continue.  Yes, the relationships won’t be the same, nor the pets or work.  But each one of the experiences will have in them all the treasures of the world.  Looking forward to finding the jewels is what keep us going.

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