Deciding Between Personal Well-Being And A Greater Good

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The below Huffington Post article touches on an interesting dilemma we all have to deal with on a daily basis; the internal negotiation we go through between what we know are our needs and what we  know would be easier on somebody else or a group.

In a smaller scale these are the decisions we have to make between friends, partners or family members.  In a larger scale they are the decisions made by organizations and countries.

My concern is for the smaller scale dilemmas when we have to choose saying or not the truth to a partner or when to keep the “peace” in a family situation by not bringing up the fact that we are being disrespected or ignored.

There are no fast rules.  Each situation needs to be weighed and then decided upon.  I have learned to think about outcomes and then make a decision based on what I can tolerate at the moment.  Sometimes I need to preserve myself and so I chose my privacy and I do it without having to make a big announcement.   Sometimes keeping the family, or friends stable is more important.

What I also do know is when we finally make a decision we need to be at peace with it and to remember a moment later another decision will have to be made.

By Michael Yapko

Clinical Psychologist, Author

In the movie “The American President” starring Michael Douglas and Annette Bening, a climactic scene near the end features an emotional speech from the president who, along with his new love interest, has been relentlessly attacked for their romantic relationship. In the speech, the president directly addressed the difficulties in walking the line between protecting oneself and protecting greater principles that work against the Self…Continued

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