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I read today on about a Sri Lankan woman who went to work in Saudi Arabia as a housemaid.  When the Sri Lankan woman complained about being overworked the Saudi couple went on to hammer 18 nails into her body.

What immediately came to my mind was the fact that the Sri Lankan woman was no more than an object to the Saudi couple.  She was never seen by them as a mother, sister, or a friend.  To them she was just a body.

Of course the couple’s behavior is an extreme consequence of human selfishness and short slightness.

Relationships are wonderful, messy, difficult and rewarding, but everyone a chance for us to express and to receive feelings.  Recognizing the humanity in others enriches our lives.

I remember a Brazilian documentary I saw many years ago about a boy that had seen his mother be murdered in front of him and without having anyone else to take care of him became homeless.  The documentary went on to show the unrelenting violence this boy witness before applying his own violence onto others.  But for me what was the most difficult to watch was how his friends, the homeless children and teenagers were completely ignored by the population around them.  While the cars waited at streetlights the homeless kids would approach a car to ask for money.  The response most often seen was of people turning their head away without saying a word.

I’m not judging anyone and I know the possibility of crime scared many. I also know many felt the situation too overwhelming and pretending it wasn’t happening become the easiest choice.  But the result of becoming invisible to a society forced many kids to become violent just to be noticed, to gain their humanity back even if it had to be through violence.

All of us need to feel we count.  All of us need to feel others see us.  And all of us need to be part of a social group.

Giving each person we meet and interact a moment of our kindness and respect will not only contribute to the other person’s well-being but also to our own.

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