How To Nurture A Dream

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Angie Rubin

I just read the below post on the Huffington Post and wanted to share it with you.  The way the writer, Tara Sophia Mohr, describes the process of creation reminded me of when I was a performance artist.

Many years ago, when I first landed in NYC, I used to create multi-media performances that utilized sound, music, movement and visuals.  The language of each performance was unique and therefore I had to create a whole world for it.

My process started with just sitting and listening to music – that helped create the emotional environment I needed – and then just let my mind wonder.  I spent many hours, days and weeks just allowing my imagination to run freely.  Once satisfied with the world I created I would then start working on how to turn my creation into reality.

That’s how Tara describes the process of nurturing a dream.

Our dreams can be performance, new job, business, home or life-style.  But we have to nurture and protect them before our fears have a chance to take them down.  And once we are on the path on “how” we must remember that dreams have a timing of their own.  We must always revisit the spark that excited us in the beginning so our dream doesn’t run out of gas and has the time it needs to come to fruition.

By Tara Sophia Mohr

Posted on the Huffington Post

My coaching client Allison had a dream to leave her job and start an innovative program working with teens. She often daydreamed about her vision. But her mind would become overridden by thoughts like these: “Where do I even start? It’s so big. How could I ever support myself and my family financially? How would I raise money? How would I recruit the kids? How, how, how…” It only took a couple of minutes before Allison was too overwhelmed to take any productive action forward…Continued

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2 Responses to “How To Nurture A Dream”
  1. Dear Tara,

    Thanks for your very insightful article. I will check out your site.

    All the best,

    Deborah Calla

  2. Tara Mohr says:

    Thanks so much Deborah for featuring the post and for making this connection to the creative process! I definitely had my own creative endeavors in mind as one source of inspiration as I wrote this.

    I have a feeling you might also resonate with a recent post I wrote about the idea of being a “Goal Artist.” If you go to and scroll down a bit you’ll see it.

    Wishing you all the best,