Strengthen Your Ego And Find Freedom

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Angie Rubin

When our ego is strong and healthy we are no longer vulnerable to other people’s agendas.  We realize that judging other’s worth by such measures as youth, physical appearance, success, money or power is just plain silly.

We know a person’s worth and their journey are complex.  It is the sum of our past, present and future.  And it is our dignity, kindness, strength of character put into practice.

I’ve recently read and posted a story about a young chef working at a five star hotel.  Before taking on a prestigious promotion, the chef took a trip to his small town in India.  While there he saw a homeless man eating his own feces.  The man’s plight was so demoralizing to the young chef, he decided he would use his talents to feed and care for the homeless instead of moving up in the culinary world.  He said goodbye to Europe and moved back to India where he feeds, bathes and clothes people in need. This man is not rich or famous.  He doesn’t grace the pages of the tabloids and the only people seeking him out are the needy.  Yes, his story is now known but it will soon fade away.   But, the chef will continue to do what he has been doing for so many years; expressing his kindness through service.

Years ago I met a man who was incredibly wealthy.  He was one of the top people in Wall Street.  When it came to finances, he was brilliant.  But, this same man was mostly ignorant about any other subject that did not involve money.  He also never used any of his money to help others.  Everything he made was for him and his family.  According to the way society judges others, this man would be considered important.  Most likely more important than the Indian chef.

If my house is bigger than yours, should I get more respect?  If I’m better looking than you, am I more important?  If I’m better known than you is my life worth more?  How simplistic and silly are all these questions.   When our egos are stronger we don’t bother answering.  What is important is how we honor ourselves and others.   A strong ego doesn’t need validation.  It just is.

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