4 Relationships Myths That Almost Everyone Perpetuates

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By Angie Rubin

Before my husband got sick and passed away, we had a very fun and fulfilling relationship.  Many of my friends, both men and women, would ask what our secret was.  The truth is; there were no secrets.  There was only a great dose of reality.  Neither Chris nor I expected the other to fulfill every desire we had in life.

We were aware we were not perfect people.  And so when we were faced with each other’s “imperfections” we weren’t disappointed.

We were aware our internal struggles belonged separately to each one of us.  We knew we could count on support as we struggled, but we were responsible for our own life decisions.

We spent a lot of time together, but also had the freedom to have a “girl’s night out” or a “boy’s night out.”

We had similar values and most importantly; we loved each other’s company.  We also respected each other’s opinion and looked forward to sharing our thoughts and experiences.

A foundation of love and respect carried us through five years of fun, difficulties, struggle, love and contentment.  Having realistic expectations of what a partner means in your life is key. Knowing our issues will still be our issues when we come together will save a lot of headaches later.  Remember, no one can make anyone else’s life perfect.  What we do for one another is love, support and share.


By Dr. Terri Orbuch

Last week I was invited to a wedding shower where the guests were asked to bring a note card with one piece of advice for the new couple.

Most of the cards had typical comments like “Always compromise,” “Be honest and truthful,” or “Never go to bed mad.” As a relationship expert, I knew that the majority of the advice was not supported by scientific findings. So I began to wonder: how much of what people know about relationships is repeated as fact but is more like fiction? …Continued

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