The World Is Built On Appearances. How Can You Thrive In It?

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By Angie Rubin

I sometimes feel like I sound like a broken record but again I must share how important it is for each one of us to connect with who we are and live accordingly.

Life is complicated, busy, and often misleading.  If we are not connected to our core we become victims of appearances and overload of information.  But here is the catch: respecting who we are assumes we also invest in being truthful with our own selves while acknowledging other people’s rights and existence.  I’m definitely not in support of anyone who thinks the world is for them or about them.

Buddhists often say we live in a world of illusion.  I’m not a Buddhist but I do agree with the statement.  Why?

Our world is built on appearances.  How many times have you been surprised by a married couple getting a divorce when you thought they were so happy?  How many times have you been surprised by someone filing for bankruptcy when they seem to live the good life?  How many times have you been surprised to find out someone you thought to be very happy is actually depressed?  We believe if we share our truth with others we will be thought of to be less and so we put up a façade.

Life is also always changing.  Everything is in movement.  So what it is today will be different tomorrow.

If we are people that are not really in touch with what is important in life and therefore to ourselves, we will be constantly pushed and pulled by every illusion we come to interact with.  And in doing so we may think less of ourselves and our lives.

A sure way to feel a greater sense of well-being is by turning down the noise, listening to the voice within and staying the course.  Be clear of your goals and don’t get sidetracked and every turn.

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