Sometimes The Holidays Make Us Blue;Here Is Why It Shouldn’t

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I love the holiday season.  I like the slower days and the lesser pressure to produce.  I like that others in general are also in a more loving mood.  To think years ago I used to detest the holidays.  But that was when I concentrated on what I didn’t have.  I actually used to joke with friends that we should have a party every January 2nd and call it “I Survived The Holidays” party.

My friends and I used to think about our lack of a partner and of our difficulties with work.  I remember in those years whenever something good happened I would think: “It would be better if only I had a partner”.  And with that as a thought I deflated whatever happiness I was experiencing.

Today I am a widow and do not have a partner.  I am learning to live life in the present and to be content now.  I no longer stop myself from experiencing anything in the hopes I’m going to save it to share with the right person.  And mostly I have found that my inner life is a never ending fountain of love, support and companionship.  Don’t mistake that for being a loner; I have lots of activities and friends.  But I don’t postpone my experiences and I don’t depend on anybody to find my well-being.

My wish for anybody who feels lonely this holiday season is for you to realize there is much love in your life right now if you allow yourself to experience it.  Contentment really comes from living life according to our own rights and wrongs.  Contentment also comes from simple experiences.  Happiness, the short lived cousin of contentment, is the result of an action.  But contentment the lasting and profound sense of well-being can come only from within. Do not delay your life.  Lived it fully.  And live it now.

I hope your Christmas was a good one, and I wish you a Happy New Year!

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