Life In 2011. How Do You Want It To Feel Like?

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The New Year is upon us.  For the first time in a very long time I’m seeing this New Year differently.  Let me explain;  obviously there isn’t a concrete separation between 2010 and 2011.  It is not like a bell goes off and all about your life in 2010 ends and the slate is blank.  But, there might be a psychological opportunity that if we want we can make use of.

I most often don’t commemorate New Years and don’t make resolution lists.  Last two years I had friends over for a nice meal and before then I was with my late husband.  This year I’ll spend the night alone with a nice bottle of champagne and a delicious lobster.  But the real difference is not that I’m going to be alone.  It is how I’m envisioning my life to be in this New Year.

Back in September I made plans that would carry me through the end of the year.  So far I have stuck by them.  I also made plans on turning certain pages of my life that will have as a consequence a different existence in 2011.  This is different than deciding to lose or gain weight, or workout more.  I’m choosing to close certain chapters of my life.  I’m not talking about moving or changing careers.  It is mostly an adjustment of thinking.

I am finishing my book  by December 31st – which I started to write two months after my husband passed away – and will send it to an editor.  With that, I’m also deciding to leave certain aspects of my past where it is, and fully embrace my present and future.  Sometimes it is easy or comfortable to carry around our pasts without realizing it weighs us down.  It is the well-known “carrying around baggage.”

I believe once we decide to live, we should fully commit to living.  Living in the present with a foot, a leg, or an entire body in the past does not allow the present to fully bloom.  I have not decided to discard my history.  I am deciding to let my history tell where I have been, not where I’ll be forever, and not where I am going.

Of course I don’t need the New Year to make these decisions but what not take the opportunity and go along with the world’s psychological frame of mind?

So when the New Year arrives, I will remember the choices and decisions that I have made.  And I will remember how I envisioned my life to look and feel like; and then I will move accordingly. No fireworks will need to go off, simple adjustments will do.

How would you like to have your new life look like?

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