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As we approach Valentine’s Day the world – at least the countries that commemorate the cupid’s day – gets divided into sections; people that are enthusiastically planning and shopping for a grand day , and others who hope this day goes by as quickly as possible.

I talk a lot about love because I truly believe connecting to this powerful energy source is the ultimate quest to living a life of wisdom and contentment.  But unlike many, I don’t equate love with just romantic love.  I actually think that many people who believe they have found love when they are in a relationship are actually unaware of what love really is and its life changing power.

Love is a state of being.  It is not something acquired when we meet someone else.  It is part of the human condition as much as happiness, sadness and contentment are.   Love resides in all of us.

So find the love in your life.  Find it in the small things.  And don’t be afraid to be silly in love because of a beautiful day or because a stranger smiled at you.  Freeing ourselves from preconceived ideas on how to be liberates us to fill our lives with love.

Carry your ownership of love into your relationship.  When you do realize loving another person is a facet of your love expression than your relationship can be profound and stable.  It will turn from a relationship of need to a relationship of addition.

Realize your partner is an individual who was raised differently from you, and so processes his/her feelings differently.  If you do you will be able to understand that without being an emotional upheaval.

Wish for your partner’ happiness and be eager to support them in their path even if it seems foreign to you.  If you do you will be best friends and companions on this tremendous ride called life.

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By Thomas Moore

Posted on the Huffington Post

One of the great joys of life — loving another person — is not easy. Jungian psychologists sometimes describe it as a process of “individuation,” with each party becoming a more sophisticated person through the ups and downs. The ancient tale of Amor and Psyche depict love as a rite of passage, full of trials that eventually lead to a productive union…Continued

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