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The middle-east is in upheaval, Japan is partially destroyed, unrest goes on in Wisconsin, and all of us wonder about nuclear power.  Those are just a few of the major situations going on in the world today.

The world is changing.  Politics, economy, environment, governments are all in flux.  It is hard to predict which direction some of these changes are going to take.  And that makes us nervous.

But we must stay steady (not to be caught in fear) and flexible (to adapt to the changes) and the only way we can accomplish that, is by living in the moment.

While these changes are huge in scope their impact is felt by each one of us in our own way.  The US economy has forced us in an individual level to re-evaluate what is really important in our lives and let go of behaviors which are not.

The upheaval in the middle-east reminds us government should represent the people.  It also reminds us people coming together have incredible power.

The destruction in Japan reminds us in the end what matters are the relationships we forge in life.  No one is crying over a lost car or a flat TV screen.  They are crying over lost relatives and friends.

We are also reminded of the dangers of some of the industries created in the last century -nuclear power – and we ask ourselves isn’t it time to think of a different way of living.

While we don’t have a direct say on all these crises, we do have a direct say in the way we conduct our lives.  Living in the moment will curb the sensation of being overwhelmed by the world problems.  Living in the moment will give us the consciousness to make the right decision for each moment as they occur.  Living in the moment allows us to appreciate the small things that are inspiring and can give us calmness to live a life with purpose.  And if we live a life with contentment we will be impacting the world in a very positive way.

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