Dr. Drew On Envy And Our Celebrity Culture

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Not a great fan of Dr. Drew – for people outside of the US who may not be familiar with his work, Dr. Drew is board certified in internal and addiction medicine. He is also the host of the TV show Celebrity Rehab and the radio show Loveline. While I find him to be very smart and insightful, it bugs me that he uses his knowledge to expose others for his own gain.

Anyway, in the clip below Dr. Drew discusses our obsession with celebrities. In it he is really clear, well spoken delivering great insight on the subject. He discusses our loss of understanding of what really brings us happiness and contentment – relationships and not money or power. He adds because as a society we model after narcissistic behavior of people that are not healthy, we feel empty and in pain.

A couple of days ago I wrote a post, Building Contentment With Real Values that addressed the same theme.

This is very important.

Recognizing in our own lives where we are taking on societal values that are detrimental to our well being, is the difference between appreciating who we are and our lives or living in a constant state of envy.

Doing the work to rescue our own sense of values takes constant inter-action between our mindset and a return to what we knew – long ago – to bring us satisfaction. If I think back to my earlier life, I know my sense of well-being was tied to my family and friends. If I use my intellect I re-call from reading and meeting people in power, that money and fame alone are empty. If I use my emotional memory, I know I have felt the most protected and settled when my connections to others were true and strong. I then I remind myself of the illusion the media creates about celebrities. We mostly only get to see what sells movies, magazines and newspapers. And not what that person really is in their private life. One only needs to read about Charlie Sheen to have a full understanding that this world of celebrity in itself is not worthy of envy.

Don’t waste important moments in your life in envy or awe of things not worth a second look.

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