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Over the weekend I had a conversation with a friend who is often exhausted and unable to catch up with all her obligations.  Actually she is not the only one in my life to find herself in this predicament.  But, as I talked to her it became clear to me the main reason for her chaotic life is her inability to prioritize and focus.

It is undisputed we live in a world that demands much of us.  Earning a living is hard. The competition is fierce and every day we are asked to give more of ourselves.      Added to that are family, friends and a never ending bombardment of information.

So how do we thrive in such environment?

By making the tough choices of what is important and what isn’t and by focusing on life as it happens.

For each one of us what is important is different.  To me accepting every invitation is not important.  Going to every seminar is not important.  Participating in every decision the organizations I work with make, is not important.  What is important is making sure I do a certain amount of work that will bring me an income, carve time out to write, stay connected to the people that are truly important to me and give time to be with myself. While I do the things I consider important, I don’t answer every phone call, and I try my best not be sidetracked.

If you feel ragged and out of breath maybe it is time for you to restructure your life.  Make a list of all the activities you do during your day and ask yourself what is truly important and what isn’t.  Get rid of what isn’t.  Now ask yourself what is important in your life that you are not giving time to and make room for those things.  And don’t forget to give time to self-reflection and for pampering; life’s fuel.  Even just a few minutes a day goes a long way.

While you’re restructuring your life, try not to get pulled into surfing the net, reading things that are not that necessary, watching tons of TV or getting lost in endless conversations.

That is what I told my friend before we got off the phone.  I hope she finds a way to realize we don’t always have to be on and say yes to everything.  If we do, we may just end up drowning in a sea of obligations and wasted time without accomplishing what is truly important to us.

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