A Small Act; An Extraordinary Act Of Kindness

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Yesterday afternoon, I watched “A Small Act” a documentary about a holocaust survivor, Hilde Back, living in Sweden who sponsors the education of a child in Kenya by sending $15 a month.  The boy, Mburu grew up to go to Harvard Law School and to become a Human Rights Advocate for the United Nations.

Mburu attributes his change in life to Hilda’s charity and today he runs an educational non-profit, The Hilda Back Foundation, in Kenya.

This small act by Hilde – sending in $15 a month to Kenya – unbeknownst to her went on to change hundreds or maybe even thousands of people’s lives.  Mburu came out of poverty and brought his family along.  With his work and his personal knowledge of injustice he helps millions of people as a lawyer and a Human Rights advocate.  He also offers education to ten kids every year who undoubtedly without his assistance would continue the cycle of poverty.

Hilde, who lost her family to the Nazis and never married, her small act would pay off in ways she had never imagined when she was a teacher sending in her monthly contribution.

As an adult when Mburu looked for Hilde to thank her, he gave meaning and importance to her small act.  He also gave her a family; himself.

Hilde in the film says we impact the world and other people’s lives with our actions.  A small ripple goes on and on.  A good ripple or a bad ripple; the choice is ours.

We never know the consequences of our actions.  We never truly know the impact we have on others through our words or actions.  And it is never over until the fat lady sings.

Next time you wonder what is the meaning and the importance of your life, think of Hilde and her small act.  Her $15 a month changed the lives of people she never met while profoundly changing her own.

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2 Responses to “A Small Act; An Extraordinary Act Of Kindness”
  1. Always happy to write about good things. Congratulations!

  2. Thanks for writing about the film! What’s been more amazing is the huge number of small acts viewers have taken on in the spirit of keeping Hilde’s act going. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been donated to the Hilde Back Education Fund. People have volunteered in their communities. I just meet a high school student who is designing a bathing suit line to sell to friends and she’s donating all profit to the fund in the film. It has been amazing.
    Cheers – love the page.